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Our service is designed primarily for those looking for entire buildings for residential or commercial use. So far, we decided to offer this service even to those interested in a single apartments. Our organization with the help of subsidiary companies specialize in the fields of construction and real estate is able to offer various forms of consultancy and assistance.

Why Poland

Poland is to be the only European country to maintain positive GDP growth in 2009 - says the report Emerging Markets Macro and Strategy Outlook prepared by experts from Citigroup. According to specialists from Citigroup, the GDP growth this year will account for 1.1% and in 2010 should reach 2.5%. At the same time economies in the neighbour countries are bound to shrink substantially. Ukraine's GDP is estimated to fall by 9.2%, and in Hungary by 5.3%, in Romania by 4.3% and even in Slovakia by 0.2%. GDP forecasts for Poland for 2009 stays close to the estimated level for other emerging economies across the world i.e. round 1.3%. Considerably worse prognoses concern the developed countries which are doomed to record fall in gross domestic product on average by 3.5%. According to the report also the Polish zloty should get stronger. While this year the value of euro should hover at around 4.3 PLN, it is bound to be worth 3.8 PLN by the end of 2010.

Why krakow

Krakow - Poland's stunning second city, is a captivating place both to travel to and live in. With Poland's accession to the European Union in 2004, there has been a slow but steady increase in foreigners and tourists alike looking for (and often finding) something truly special in the city.

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