Profile Polonia


Poland is a country of eastern Europe with 38.626.349 citizens and a surface of 312.685 km². The capital is Warsaw.


property market


The property market in Poland is one of the busiest in Europe thanks to the renewal and stabilization of political situation




The numbers and indicators to have a true and fair view of the macroeconomic situation in Poland.


property fiscality


The Polish tax system has three competing voices of direct taxes to the property market.

The first is the 'property tax' which isa local tax levied on land or buildings owned by the taxpayer.The rates are differentiated depending on the mode of use of the property and are established by local authorities (municipalities) because the central authorities set only the maximum rates.

Secondly, we have the tax and legal civil acts usually involves costs for the registration of the contract and the different marks for service and ultimately the tax on income from capital gain on the sale of real estate.

Do You want to establish a society?

3page-img5The cost for setting up a limited liability company is about 3000 € and respect to the purchase made by a phisical person allows you to deduct the costs of a real estate development operation and management costs of the building.

The limited liability company may be formed by one or more persons, the minimum share capital for the establishment is around € 1.2500, the memorandum should be drafted as a deed and registered on the National Court Register (KRS).

In Poland you have to pay  incomes taxes and pay v.a.t each month, closing down the annual budget at 30th april.

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Questions and answers

  • 1. Why invest in Poland?
  • 2. Which guarantees has got a foreign investor?
  • 3. A foreigner can purchase real estate?
  • 4. Which type of investment is recommended?
  • 5. What costs must be calculated for the purchase of a property?
  • 6. What are the expectations of analysts?
  • 7. how the real estate incomes are taxed?
  • 8. How much is the property tax ?
  • 9. What kind of travel is recommended?
  • 10. What support is offered to customers?
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